Friday, October 31, 2008

The Tools of the Shepherd -Audio & Podcast

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Audio (including the skit and Duane's spoken word) is here.

You also can find it on the Eastside Podcast at Just do a search for Eastside Church, and our latest podcast is the audio from this message.

Did you get a chance to write your own version of Psalm 23?


Anonymous said...

Molly Lyons' 23rd Psalm

The Lord is my playwright and director; I shall never want for an outlet of my creativity.

He writes me the perfect roles and directs me brilliantly so my every gift can shine forth upon the world.

He gives me the safest place to risk and play out every aspect of myself. He fills me up again with the pure waters of creativity when I have poured out all of myself and think I have nothing left to give that is good.

He gives me perpetual vision, observation, instinct and creativity from the deepest part of my soul. The thrillingly challenging roles He provides combined with the firmly gentle way He directs, bring out my most powerful performances in which I can be both very strong and extremely vulnerable.

Even though He may give me a part to play that is a huge risk, where I might be emotionally exposed, living out my darkest secrets that feel impossible to show the world, He will not let me be in actual danger (mentally, emotionally, spiritually or physically) but will gently guide me to reveal all of myself no matter how afraid or exposed I feel.

And I feel save with him to lead me even when I am utterly vulnerable and fear: “this is impossible; I will not survive playing this role”. I have felt in danger before and those times have always been the most creatively fruitful and most artistically rewarding.

God, you invite-to a sumptuous post-performance party-all critics, jealous peers, nay-sayers and crazy-makers, but they find nothing evil, critical, inane or biting to say because they can sense, whether or not they know why, that my artistry is powerfully blessed & lavishly sanctified by You.

Every good review is actually written in praise of You and Your work in this flawed instrument that is me.

Surely this true creativity, joy, and outpouring of the art I love, You will make available to me always and one blessed day I will perform, with every part of me freely outpouring without trepidation or fear, before very Your throne and will luxuriously enjoy the greatest ovation and review, “Well done good and faithful servant”, from Your very lips.

For the greatest creations I have done, the best reviews I have received, the finest parts I have played, nothing I know in this world will compare with giving my all on the stage of heaven.

Anonymous said...

"Spoken Word - by Duane"

As I walk along the pathways of this life, I am often uncertain and confused.
There are struggles ahead, but I’m blessed with a road map to use.
How will I make it? Does any one really care?
It is in these times that I’m reminded that…
“The Lord is my shepherd,” Jesus is there.
I make my petition, on bended knee,
Realizing that Your love has fulfilled the deepest need in me.
I’m faced with stresses and struggles, my worries griping my chest.
Then You “Place me in green pastures” providing sustenance and rest.
When I drink from Your still waters not only am I refreshed,
But You the living water rinse away my decay and death.
My mind left alone would definitely turn cold,
With Your grace and mercy You restore my soul.
Sometimes I stumble and falter, panic and make mistakes
Still You lead me along your path of righteousness for Your names sake.
Facing precarious situations, and dangerous conditions
Potential enemies lurk about
It’s darker in the valley when death is out
Shadows are frightening when that’s all you see…
But “I will fear no evil, for You are with me.”
You are vigilante, ever watchful
“Your rod and staff they comfort me”
Your love and protection
They comfort me
Your very presence comforts me
You quiet voice
Comforts me
Your living word
It comforts me
Now, unfriendly's still they stalk about,
Some of them like to talk about
Most of them I could do with out
They often try to take me out
In fact I wish they weren’t around
But look what You’ve prepared for me
A feast in front of my enemies
And You keep my enemies from feasting on me
(Because lamb chops and me, we just don’t agree!)
( And becoming lamb chops isn’t the life for me!)
You anoint my head with Your precious oil
So with these pests I don’t have to toil
Now refreshed I can fully focus on You
And living the life You designed me to
You’re in front, beside, behind me too.
My life overflowing IS my life in You.
Goodness and mercy they follow me too
As I truly live in this house of You.