Wednesday, January 07, 2009

God's Top Ten List - Study and Discussion Guide

God’s Top Ten List:
Who’s Number One? The First Commandment
Study Guide by Pastor Matt Messner
Sermon will be spoken at Eastside Church, January 10-11, 2009

In what ways does uncertainty and hope characterize your view of 2009?

What are you uncertain about?

In what ways are you hopeful?

Read Exodus 19:1-6
What was God’s original purpose for Israel?

What are the implications of being His “treasured possession”?

Have you ever thought of yourself as a “priest”?
A priest is a mediator who stands between God and others. This was God’s calling to Israel – that they would be mediators to the nations. In what ways is God calling His people to do this today?

Read Exodus 20:1-3
The Ten Commandments provided boundaries for God’s relationship with His people. He is initiating this relationship.

Egypt and the surrounding nations were “pantheists.” Their worldview included many gods and a constant temptation to worship them. This commandment endorses “monotheism.”

What are the gods that tempt us? With what gods do you struggle?

Some define gods as those things that come before Him in our priorities, plans and in our affection. What are those things in your life?

Read Matthew 22:34-40
How does loving God wholeheartedly support the first commandment?

Is an exclusive relationship characteristic of a loving relationship? Why?

How is humility and grace needed when it comes to keeping the first commandment?

How have you struggled with keeping God as your first priority? Does it help to think of Him as the center of your life rather than number one on your list?

To do: Honestly examine your affections, repent as needed and commit yourself to love.

Pray: Let Philippians 1:9-11 provide you with a framework for your prayer.

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