Friday, March 27, 2009

Globalizing Your Faith

Today I'll be doing a workshop at the Northwest Ministry Conference at Overlake Church.

Here is my Power Point.

My topic is "Globalizing Your Faith" and I will be discussing the unprecedented opportunities that are in front of Christians due to globalization, urbanization, communication development and Christianization (the rapid spread of global Christianity).

Four things to understand as a Global Christian:
Wineskins (Luke 5:36-39), Missions Principles (1 Cor. 9:22-23), Incarnational Change, and Apostolic Adaptation (Trade routes and Tent making)


TAMI said...

"Global & Intercultural Ministries" was my absolute FAVORITE ordination class! Big difference though from 'reading' and DOING!! Blessings on you and those you teach.

Matt said...

I'd love to get your feedback once I post my full notes...Where were you ordained anyway? It's exciting to see classmates (like you) in the ministry! (I'm sure you feel the same way since I was so lost for most of my high school years).