Thursday, March 05, 2009

On March 7th our daughter Alicia turns 18. I'm REALLY proud of her. Heidi and I bought her an iPod and are saving for the laptop that she'll get when she graduates in a couple of months. I figure those two things will have her ready for college. I might need to throw in a hot-plate and a case of Ramen noodles. At least that's what got me through college.

I am turning 40 on April 2nd and thinking about my options for a midlife crisis. Someone recently told me like I looked like I was going "clubbing": "Cool shirt. Are you going clubbing?" Ouch. It was pretty funny but I went with "conservative and professional" the next day. I can either look uncool or I can look like I'm trying to be too hip. Other options for turning 40 include getting a tatoo or a motorcycle. I love Heidi, so the midlife crisis will NOT involve her (too often when men have a midlife crisis they decide to become single once again).

The options for a midlife crisis are pretty dismal so I guess I'll pass on it. Just have to "go with the flow", be myself, and join with God in the next exciting season that He has for me. Being a Christian is far from is an incredible journey. What do you expect when you're following the Creator of the universe? Sure beats getting a tatoo.

This past week I started getting into Twitter. It's catching on real fast and worth looking into. Follow me if sign up (see sidebar).

This weekend I'll be preaching in all the services. Levi is playing guitar, Heidi's singing and Alicia will be in Oregon visiting grandpa Mark (and Dee Dee) with some friends. I'm also excited to hear Modern Mosaic play at KTUB tomorrow night.


Roxanne Kristina said...

Congrats and Happy Birthday. March is a great month for birthdays (my bday mo too :0).

So cool you are preaching this wk end. You always minister and do a great job.


TAMI said...

Your post is full of energy and made me laugh!! Congratulations to Alicia ... and even if she doesn't yet, I'm sure she'll grow to appreciate ramen noodles.

Matt said...

To my defense, I also received this email: "P.S. Saw your blog and by the way I really like your shirts. I am 37 and counting and think that hip clothes still look good on those around age 40! It does differentiate us from the elder masses! Don’t give in!"
Thanks for the encouragment! The person who made the original comment feels rather bad now but we have had a good laugh.

April Nault said...

I think you should a get a tattoo... that is my vote.