Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Why Pastors Should Use Twitter and Facebook

I'm still exploring the value and the validity of keeping up with emerging
social networking technology as it pertains to Churches and leaders.

Here is a great article you should check out if you're asking the question, "Why?":
Three Reasons Every Pastor Should Use Twitter.

HAPPY St. Patty's Day!! He was a great figure in church history.


April Nault said...

you have Sean hooked on twitter...

Susan said...

I've been "chewing" on Psalm 139 this week over at my blog and your post from a few years ago popped up in a search. However, when I saw the title of this current post, I had to come read it. I have to say that both Facebook and Twitter have some amazing connection opportunities for Pastors in my opinion. I appreciate this article.


Susan (a Pastor's Wife in Florida)

Scott the Heretic said...

Matt you should have been at the idea camp. Check out www.ideacamplive.com. you can tweet them at @ideacamp. this was all based around tweeting and blogging.

Roxanne Kristina said...

Pastor Matt,

There are a couple pastors big in the blogging world I would like you to check out if you have a moment (both are in my link list):
Ragamuffin Soul & Without Wax. I'd like to know what you think. They are both using technology to enhanse their ministry, and make themselves real via computershpere. Kind of amazing the impact they are having, really.