Thursday, May 07, 2009

Today is the National Day of Prayer. I'm not sure about the value of this as an event, but I am convinced of the value of prayer. So if it is a catalyst to get people praying, GREAT. Prayer works. 2 Chronicles 4:17 is the theme verse for this day for me.

Lots going on...Mother's Day is this weekend. Gearing up for a big weekend at Eastside. I guess more people goto church on Mother's Day then any other weekend (excluding Easter and Christmas). This shows the innate spirituality that women seem to have (compared to men). Father's Day tends to be the biggest weekend at the bowling alley & the ball park. Heidi is out of town on Mother's Day (going to Colorado to hang out with one of her best friends of all time, Karma Duggin).

Tomorrow night is a great concert here at our church: "Break the Chains" is a benefit concert being put on by the Bothell High ASB. Modern Mosaic (Levi's band) is playing so that means I will be there. I'm probably even more excited about their concert next Saturday night at the Kirkland Teen Center, but both shows will be really good.

Alicia is getting Senior Pictures this week and graduation is quickly approaching. I wouldn't mind if time slowed down.

I'm trying to get back into racing shape. My long-term goal is Fall cross country season. There are 3 clubs in town who all could have really good cross-country teams. I'm not yet sure who I will run for. We'll see.

I have been studying the life of Joseph lately and have found it to be very helpful in keeping my focus on the Lord.

The women's retreat our church had last weekend was a great success. Heidi spoke at the Saturday night session and I heard she did an excellent job.

At the end of the month our entire family is going to Anaheim for the annual Foursquare Church Convention. It should double as a nice vacation. Alicia and Levi are voting for Magic Mountain over Disneyland.

Enough said for now. If you don't follow me on Twitter or Facebook, I invite you to look me up. God-bless.

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