Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Baja "Go" Team 2009 -

Tomorrow morning Heidi, Alicia, Levi & I are going to SeaTac and will be flying to San Diego where 34 of us will converge for a ten day mission trip concluding on August 1st.

This team is comprised of a large group from Living Faith Foursquare (Kent, WA), a large group from Ogden Utah, and a significant number of Foursquare Missionary kids from around the world. There may also be a few other youth from other churches/places.

After meeting at the San Diego airport, we will cross the border destined for one the Foursquare Bible Colleges located in Tijuana (Calvario). Here we will do three days of intensive training as we get to know each other, our gifts, the mission and as we prepare for a week of intense cross-cultural ministry.

The bulk of our work will take place around Ensenada - a new area for us. In Ensenada we will be serving the local Foursquare Churches (Iglesia Quadrangular) under the direction of missionaries Bill and Ginger Hobin, and Joanne and Bobby Bainbridge. I am hoping to see Mike and Geri Carey, whom I have worked with in Tijuana since 1988.

How to pray for us:
  1. Safety: From accidents, freedom from sickness and protection.
  2. Fruitfulness: We want to be a blessing and have a positive impact. We need God's help in order to have a lasting influence.
  3. Unity: Coming from different churches and with many of us having never met before, we are asking for a supernatural love and unity.

Thanks for your prayer support! Alicia is going away to Ignite in the Fall, so this may be our last mission trip together.

If I have internet access I will be posting updates here on my blog and on my twitter account.

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