Thursday, September 24, 2009

Update: UCPP/Children of Hope student kidnapped, but now FOUND!

September 23, 2009.
Just received this word from Bryant Sabandal, missionary to the Children of Hope in Manila:
"Thanks for the prayers for Jerico! He was found by police officers in the province near Subic Bay in an abandoned junk shop. Kidnappers heard the police were close and left him there to be found. PRAISE GOD!! HE can do anything!"

I don't have any other details but when I do you will receive another update.
Thanks for your prayers!!

This email just arrived from our missionary in Manila: Please pray and come back for updates.

Hello friends, I am sad to report to you that one of our alumni children from preschool here in Phase 9 has been kidnapped. He was walking home from school and was taken - evidently it was witnessed. He is 7 years old and spent two years with Teacher Donna and Pastor Monching's (Munch) preschool. His parents are part of the congregation there, Living Bible Foursquare. Please pray for his release and safe return. I am aware of the human trafficking here but we have never had it hit so close to home! Heartbreaking to say the least. From our end flyers are going out to as many communities as possible - he obviously will not be kept in his community to work the streets but transferred probably to somewhere else in the metro manila area - at least for a while. The people here say the children are forced to work the streets then sometimes shipped to other countries. Thanks for your prayers - I'll keep you updated. Blessings, Patty


Patty Sabandal said...

Please continue to pray for Jericho and his family. We have no new information as of Monday eve. When I have all the contact info and a current picture I will be contacting IJM International Justice Missions.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping us informed. Our church is praying for this little guy. Our hopes and prayers are with you. Jeremy

Patty said...

I finally have some news about Jereco (this is the correct spelling). I have been in contact with his mother and have the specifics needed to contact International Justice Mission which I did earlier today. We have a current picture, this took two weeks to get, and had to be blown up from a 1/2 inch size. It was the only picture the family had. We made them a large one to keep. Jereco's parents have also contacted the NBI (the Filipino version of the FBI) The parents have identified the kidnapper and have his name and address in the provinces. Upon visiting there the parents found that no one has seen him in several months. The parents have also raised money to pay the police in their area to look for Jereco. Please continue to pray for him - As we read Matthew 18:10-14, we are comforted in knowing that God cares for each one of us, whether we are lost or not! HE knows where this little guy is and is with him! Thanks for taking time to read this. Blessings, Patty and Bryant Sabandal

Anonymous said...

continued prayers for you all