Monday, September 28, 2009

In Manila

I am headed to the airport today and will arrive in Manila sometime tomorrow.

Looks like the scene there will different from anything I have ever encountered before.

I was going there for the following reasons:

1. To conduct a leadership training event for the pastors and leaders of the Children of Hope project. This starts the day I arrive.

2. To visit every school and church currently receiving support.

3. To conduct strategic planning for 2010 including budgeting, calendaring, strategy and assessment.

Due to the flooding the training might be delayed.

Furthermore, dengue fever outbreaks often occur in the slums following flooding. Pray for health and safety.

I will be evaluating the damage to the churches of this project and will report back regarding the extent of the damage and what we can do. I expect that the damage to the churches will be high due to the widespread impact of the flooding.

Thank-you for your prayers and support of this mission project. For more info, visit You can also give to the project online at, through the Secure Give function. It gives you the option to give to Manila.

Stay tuned for updates. I'm leaving for the airport in an hour. I'm thinking about packing a life jacket!

1 comment:

pham said...

yes sir
and also pray for VIETNAM in DANANG the place you will be there also got damage by the typhoon, not so strong like Manila but we can not conotact in there sir...