Friday, October 30, 2009

Desperate Call

Another real life story from the mission field. Thanks again Emma for sharing this with us. We will pray.

"Hello are you there now?" a young woman asked when I answered our office phone, as it was forwarded to me on Wednesday. Being (National NO day) a holiday, I was at home, but I asked, "Is this an emergency? Do you need help?" She identified herself as Maria, and explained that she had a card with our phone number which said we helped women find other jobs. She would like to talk with us about our program, but it could wait.

We met up yesterday at our office, and she explained to me her story. She has been working in prostitution in Greece for several years, from an Eastern European country, and before that, had worked also in Spain. Her parents had divorced when she was young, her mother had died, and so it had been easy after graduating, to make the decision to migrate to another country. Once there, she made the best out of her horrid reality ... she had been deceived and forced into prostitution.

It was over a 2 years ago that our card came into Maria's hand. I don't remember anything about her - just one of the hundreds of young women we meet in brothels here. Somehow though, Maria has survived so much and though she doesn't see God's hand in it, she was brought to our office. She told me she can't do this job anymore, that it's making her crazy.
We are hoping to start our life skills lessons this month, with her in the class.

Would you pray for her? Also pray for a computer teacher to be found, and others that would have time, compassion and practical skills to walk alongside Maria and others towards a new life. My desire is to work with her and some of the others that were in last year's program in a therapeutic group. Pray that God would bring it together, and in the right time, new employment as well!

Thanks for all the ways you support me and Nea Zoi! --

Emma Skjonsby Manousaridou
Nea Zoi: Association for the Support & Restoration of Individuals in Prostitution

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