Saturday, October 03, 2009

Creative Worship Services & Outreach

Last night we had church at KFC. The church building had been flooded by Typhoon Ondoy so the Pastor discovered a nearby KFC which was open. The upstairs was a "party room" decorated with Barney. Pastor Marcus asked if they could use the upstairs if they rented the room and bought chicken - "No problem" was their answer so we had a great service, which included communion followed by fried chicken.

Today we visited Pastor Gerry's and Pastor Jeffry's, both of whom had experienced severe flooding. Their churches were full and they were greatly encouraged by the visit.

Ten days ago Pastor Gerry's two children both contracted dengue fever, both were hospitalized, and their boy nearly died. Their church and home was flooded at the very same time. It was inspiring to hear him preach about hope and joy in Christ. Ten members of the church had their entire homes swept away by the flood.

Tomorrow we are buying more rice, food, meds, etc. and going to more of the hardest hit areas.

Thanks again for your prayers and generosity! I heard that the Saturday night service at Eastside gave nearly $10K towards the relief effort! It is going to help the churches and schools reach out and rebuild. Thanks again! (

Thanks for your prayers!

More photos are here!

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Anonymous said...

Love this, Matt... we are praying for you guys!