Tuesday, January 26, 2010

A Messy Family History

    Sibling rivalry.  Polygamy.  Spousal rivalry. Divine intervention.  Deception.  Love stories.  Revenge.  Reconciliation.  Joy and sorrow.  Broken promises.  Promises fulfilled.  Life and death.  This is the family history of the “Patriarchs”. 

    I’m preparing to teach tomorrow night from Genesis 24-35 and I am struck by the fact that the story of Abraham’s family would make for a highly entertaining reality show (or soap opera?).  The family was definitely dysfunctional.  People made good and bad choices.  Plans didn’t always work out for people even when they did the right thing.  When people did “the wrong thing” in this family God kept His promise and kept blessing them. 

    In interpreting Old Testament narrative, we learn from the good and the bad.  We learn from poor examples and stellar examples of faith and righteousness. 

    Life is messy.  God stands with us in the middle of the mess and He brings perspective.  He brings blessing.  He brings consistency.  He offers wisdom.  He offers hope.  He keeps His promise. 

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Chris M. said...

Love this Matt.. Great read and thanks for writing.