Monday, April 19, 2010

Ambassador of a Higher Power

Had a great dinner tonight with a group of 24 guys and Dr. Elias Malki. Plus the dinner was at the Ingomar Club (aka, the Carson Mansion), which is a place I hoped I would some day get to visit here in Eureka. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         The food was great. We enjoyed worship with the Teen Challenge men’s choir. And we had a great time discussing the things of God.

Elias has a long & remarkable history of ministry in the middle east. He has a remarkable track record of reaching both Moslems and Jews in a way that reflects an unbiased balance. He also has a great history of ministry here in Eureka and has many friends at Faith Center. I really appreciated the opportunity to meet some community leaders who share a common desire to see God work in our community and in our world. I also look forward to re-connecting with Elias in the near future.

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