Thursday, April 08, 2010

A few days at home

I'm about to drive back down to Eureka (the goal is noon today).
Our house will be on the market: For Sale By Owner. We have been working hard to get it ready.
Not sure how to sell a house when we live in another state, but we'll see.
Transitions are a little awkward - I feel kind of homeless and at night I think my subconscious isn't sure what to dream about.
Still, I am enjoying the adventure. I'm trusting God to work out the many "unknowns". I look forward to settling in Eureka and being able to give myself fully and consistently to the work there.
We are a lot closer now then we were a few days ago.

Levi just left for California -- Disneyland with the Jazz Choir of Bothell High. He'll have a blast.

Yesterday I was able to see Jim Hayford for a few minutes at Eastside. I gave him an open invitation to come to Eureka Faith Center to come and speak. Hopefully he and Betsey get some vacation this year to do that.

I've got a sermon to write, so I need to get back to it. A lot to do between now & noon.

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