Saturday, April 17, 2010

Into Eureka

I have been getting settled into this community…to some degree. 

I have moved into town from the cabin and now reside in a 50’s style home that is mostly furnished and on the market.  I am very thankful to Bill & Janet for sharing this home with me.  The time saved from the commute is a huge plus. 

I have joined a health club…no initiation fee on tax day was a good incentive. 

I am starting to get used to making tons of decisions as people ask me what we should do as a church.  I’m mostly putting the ball back in their court. 

I went through my first annual business meeting as a Senior Pastor.  My first council meeting is this Tuesday. 

I ran with Six Rivers Running Club for the first time and made some connections with people outside the church.

I walked through the Arcata farmer’s market. 

I have attended Prime Time (for Seniors) and memorial service for a very important member of Faith Center who passed away last week. 

I am feeling more at home with each new thing.  I miss Heidi as she had to go home to finish up things on our house.  I will celebrate the day our house sells and we move into a home down here. 

Every day is a full day and I sense God’s presence and work both in me and around me through the people of this church. 


Anonymous said...

Pastor Matt ... We are incredibly glad you are here and so look forward to the rest of "the settling in" as you & Heidi are together again .. hopefully soon!

Molly said...

Matt: I have every confidence that you will, being who you are, fully integrate into your new community. In the meantime, I am thrilled to get this extra time with Heidi & privileged to help her purge, pack & slumber party at your old house.
We are glad to celebrate her birthday with her!! Sorry you can't be together.
p.s. Love the slide show of the house pix!! They look really good. It was worth the "staging" time we took, eh?