Monday, May 10, 2010

Alicia’s Trip to China

This is her schedule, starting on May 10th:

Day 1: Fly to Bejing
Day 2: Arrive in Bejing, visit Tiananmen Square, National Opera House, authentic Bejing dinner (Peking Duck)
Day 3: Visit Temple of Heaven, Basic language conversation with Bejing people, Visit Forbidden City, dinner with Cultural Exchange Program
Day 4: Visit Olympic Venues, Great Wall, and Ming Emporers' Memorials, evening with Bejing Youth Fellowship
Day 5: Fly to Chengdu then bus to Dujiangyan
Day 6: Worship with Dujiangyan Church, visit earthquake survivor/rebuilding construction, evening fellowship with local church
Day 7: Visit Beichuan Middle School, learn about the earthquake and devastation, visit survivors
Day 8: Visit earthquake survivros, then bus ride to Chengdu
Day 9: Visit Panda Reproduction Center and Jinsha Museum
Day 10: Free time then flight and bus trip from Chengdu to Hangzhou
Day 11: Visit Xihu (West Lake) then fellowship with China Young Women Christian Fellowship
Day 12: Visit Tian-Shui Church then Hangzhou Christian Association, then Si-Cheng Church fellowship with college group at Chong-Yi Church
Day 13: Worship in Chong-Yi Church then evening with Cultural Program
Day 14: Visit Huangshan
Day 15: Sunrise in Huangshan, visit largest art makret then visit Hongchun (traditional village)
Day 16: Visit Hangchun traditional village and fellowship with local Christians
Day 17: Visit Nanpin (where Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon was filmed) and visit Chinese Ancient Cultural Museum
Day 18: Visit Shexian Village and Chinese Scholar's Four Jewels
Day 19: Visit poor and under-developed homes in morning travel by bus to Nanjing in the afternoon
Day 20: Visit Nanjing, afternoon fellowship with Jinling Seminary (China's most prestigious Seminary)
Day 21: Travel to Suzhou, Visit sights then Suzhou Church
Day 22: Travel to Shanghai, visit Pudong Developing District and Shanghai Beach
Day 23: Visit Shanghai World Expos
Day 24: Visit Shanghai Chenghuangmiao Market, afternoon flight back to LA

Thank-you for praying!

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