Thursday, June 17, 2010

Leadership Resources & Podcasts

"Leadership" is an important topic  for Christians as we seek to serve and influence within the Church and within our world. 

On June 26-27, I will be speaking on one aspect of this topic during the weekend services at Faith Center (  I also will be teaching a class on Leadership during the next semester at North Coast Bible Institute.  As a student of leadership I am constantly reading new books, blogs and listening to podcasts.  My favorite leadership podcast at this time is Andy Stanley's "Leadership" podcast.  You can access it here:  I would highly recommend it for anyone who is interested in this topic. 

During our denominational convention a few weeks ago, John Maxwell and Jack Hayford did a session on leadership.  During the session that accepted questions via Twitter and my question was brought to John Maxwell.  It was, "How is leadership changing with the emerging leaders of the next generation?"  John insightfully observed that we are moving away from highly organized managerial models to increasingly collaborative "team" models of leadership. 

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Shirley Ruchong said...

Love John Maxwell - wonderful leader and speaker - dynamic - humorous too! Own several of his books. Have attended Joyce Meyer Women's Conference in St. Louis where he was one of the special speakers. How great that he answered your question!