Thursday, July 08, 2010

Alaska Cruise with Michael W. Smith & Family

After spending the past couple of months on “K” Street, Heidi and I are moving to Loleta to stay in a nice guest house next to a beautiful Victorian on a small ranch.  It is our hope and prayer that this will be a one month stay, before either selling or renting out our home in Seattle.  Staying in temporary housing has been a blessing for Heidi and I – it has simplified our lives since we haven’t had to focus our energy on moving into and taking care of a home.  We will be moving into the guest house in Loleta when we get back from our cruise. 

Tomorrow we will be going to Seattle where on Sunday we will be going on an Alaska Cruise that is hosted by Michael W. Smith.  Cover-29295 This will be our first cruise (also our first trip to Alaska) and is a gift from Eric and Carolyn Wilson.  Eric is Heidi’s brother, and we were married on the same day, 20 years ago on June 16th.  This is a celebration of our 20th Anniversary.  Heidi’s brother Shaun and his wife (Jade) will also be on the cruise with us. 

The cruise includes some concerts, morning worship and devotions, along with a comedy night and much more.  Max Lucado, Matthew West and Natalie Grant are all part of the “program”. 

The cruise starts on Sunday, so we will have two nights in Seattle before the cruise begins and I will spend one of those nights on top of a mountain in the North Cascades.

I look forward to enjoying this time with my wife, my family, and in God’s wonderful creation.  I will be working on my upcoming sermon series, “Collide”, which I begin when I get home.  It is a study on 1 Corinthians, a fascinating letter that addresses a young church that was facing some serious challenges as they sought to live out their faith in a very sensual society and Paul was working hard to keep them on track theologically since beliefs and behavior are inseparable.

Stay tuned for periodic updates and photos from the cruise.  I am really going to miss being at the church, but there are a couple of great weekends planned for Faith Center while I am away. 

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