Friday, August 06, 2010

Children of Hope Child Rescue!

Recently one of the children from one of our churches in Manila was kidnapped.  This looked hopeless, but with God nothing is hopeless.  Here is the update from our missionaries in Manila:

Praise the Lord!  As you know Joseph Aquino was kidnapped several weeks ago, witnesses said he went out of his neighborhood with a man no one recognized.  That would be easy to do because he is mute and friendly and will go with anyone who has food.  He was evidently used to beg for one of the Manila syndicates, they basically organize kids and people with disabilities to work the streets, begging for change or worse.   If you saw the movie "Slum Dog Millionaire" you know what I'm talking about - yeah the reality is that the people  who need the most help are used as slaves.  Human trafficking is real and heart breaking.  Bryant and I have been here less than two years and have known of two kidnappings affecting the churches and communities we work in.  God has safely returned both children and we have been trying more and more diligently to make sure that parents, teachers, and pastors are informed and committed to the safety of their children and that communities are watchful. I will let you know what happens with Joseph - we have requested that Teacher Myra have him assessed and then we will see about placing him in a school that can meet his needs. 

With rejoicing and prayer!  Patty

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