Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Difficult Work, Hot & Cold

Our daily pattern is for half our team to conduct the kids camp and half our team works on the construction project.
Today, both teams worked really hard. Our supplies for construction continue to come in slowly. We realize that the demand for materials is much greater than the supply, here in Haiti. You have to be very demanding to get anything delivered -- something that is uncomfortable but necessary. The walls are going up quickly and the team is doing great.
The kids camp is a challenge due to the language barrier. We only have two interpreters and they had to be pulled away to help get contruction materials yesterday. The kids camp went well even with that challenge being present.
On the way home last night we were going to stop in town to see downtown Jacmel, but a thunderstorm hit and we all were soaked in the back of our truck. We actually were cold -- a sensation that we didn't think was possible in Haiti.
Chis Sahlman shared with our group last night about what it was like to be in the earthquake and how it changed his life. It was very moving and challenging to hear his story.
Gotta get is 6:10 a.m. here and there is much to do.
Missing everyone back home and thankful for your prayers,


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