Friday, September 03, 2010

Haiti & Blogging

Lately, for the most part, my blogging has been limited to posting my sermons. 

This will change in about a week.  From Sept. 8-18, Heidi and I will be going to Haiti with 17 others who will be endeavoring to rebuild an orphanage and conduct a kids camp for the orphans at an orphanage n Jacmel. 

Our team includes 14people from Faith Center, 1 from Los Angeles, 1 from Seattle, and three from Madison, WI.  I will post updates as often as possible.  Hope you’ll check in here for the updates, and pray for us!

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Dawn said...

We absolutely will praying for you. I would love to serve with you in Haiti. I am praying that God will open a way somehow for me to join a mission trip in 2011 or 2012, whether it be in another country or within the US. I have felt the burden for quite some time, just have not had the means.