Friday, September 10, 2010

Haiti Day Two

Day Two:
Our morning began with devotions on the beach at the hotel, just prior to loading up the trucks and driving to the orphanage. It was our first full day at the orphanage where we met with the Pastor and Directors. They shared with us the history of the work there and expressed their thanks for us being there. Another team was there when we arrived (Global Teams International) and they were framing a structure for the school class room.

Our team spent time working on the orphanage grounds, moving gravel and rock with buckets. We also ordered hundreds of bags of cement, hundreds of bricks and all the supplies we’ll need to construct the orphanage walls.

It was very hot and humid here! Everyone on the team is working hard and staying hydrated.

The construction materials here are quite expensive – in fact, everything here is pretty expensive. This reality intensifies the poverty because things are not very affordable for most Haitians.

Tomorrow, we are starting with breakfast at 7 a.m., devotions at 7:30, and on the road at 8 a.m.

Thank-you for your prayers! EVERYONE is doing well, and God is working in all our lives. The orphanage staff is VERY thankful. The conditions there are very poor and the sooner we get the building built, the better.

Some new photos are HERE.

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