Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Leaving for Haiti tomorrow

The day has almost arrived!

We are busy getting things ready for tomorrow's departure.  We are leaving Faith Center at noon. We will be taking two Faith Center vans and a truck (for luggage) to the airport in San Francisco.

We will be packing supplies just before we load up. These supplies include Bibles, a keyboard, amp, hygiene kits and supplies for the kid's camp that we will be conducting.

Thank-you for praying for the team, and the orphanage. Typically, things get hectic the day before a team leaves. Pray also for good weather while we in Jacmel. It will be important to our ability to do the construction work.

Here is a list of the names of the team members: Aaron, Adam, Cheryl, Chris, Chuck, Deb, Debbie, Frank, Heidi, Jacob, Karen, Kaylee, Mark, Matt, Mitchell, Phyllis, Shawn, Steve & Wendy. 

Let your friends and family know that there will be updates posted on my blog at www.mattmessner.com.

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