Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Since Heidi and I moved to Eureka, we have been trying to sell our house. Thanks to the generosity of some families here, we have been able to live in temporary housing for free (a cabin, a house that was on the market until it sold, and in a guest house). We have not yet moved our “stuff” – it has remained in our home up North. We are not able to afford our mortgage, plus rent, so this has been a blessing to us. We have experienced a simpler lifestyle – no TV, little or no internet, limited cell phone service, no kids, and less to manage. It has been difficult to not be able to host guests in our home – since it really isn’t our home. Our hosts have been gracious, but we love having people over and we haven’t had that freedom. I have found this adaptation to be good for me – in times like this you have to go to the Lord for wisdom, peace, understanding and dependence. You realize how little material things matter. You see how flexible or inflexible you are.
Next week we will be moving our belongings into a home in Eureka. Our rent kicks in starting in January. That gives us two months to sell our house. I believe it will happen! In this upside down real estate market you just have to expect to lose some money – but it’s just money.
We now have to get the house ready and experience the “Adventure in Moving”. Next week I will be driving to Seattle, loading up the truck, and driving back. It will be a busy couple of weeks.
Back to the main point: What in life do you really “have”? At this point, I “have” some new friends, a calling to minister in a great church, a wonderful wife, a God who is indescribably good (this is #1), and two kids whom I can speak to on the phone (I’ll actually get to see them next briefly next week). We also just got a puppy – a Parson Jack Russell Terrier (Pastor Jack/PJ). PJ3
Life is more about relationships than “stuff” – that is for sure. They say it isn’t about what you have, it’s what has you. What has you? LeviWorship 
(Last weekend Heidi was able to visit our son as he led worship at www.eastsidechurch.org). 

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Gwen said...

Thank you Matt. I really needed this today. I will keep you and Heidi in my prayers.