Monday, November 15, 2010


Reclining BuddhaIt's 8  a.m., I am at Starbucks in Bangkok and "O Holy Night" is playing on the radio.  Thailand is a country that is very removed from Christian faith.  Yet it is exciting to be here with a group of missionaries who have tremendous vision and are doing innovative and effective things to reach this highly populated nation. 
Getting here was a challenge.  My flight yesterday was repeatedly delayed, getting me here about five hours later then planned.  Unfortunately, it caused me to miss George Butron, the Foursquare Regional Coordinator who is based in Singapore.  From now on I have a string of meetings with missionaries, ministry staffs, and local leaders.  Each meeting has a unique purpose: meeting with the staff of the Foursquare Church in Bangkok, meeting with the staff of "Think Small", meeting with leaders of a local Christian broadcasting group, and preparing for the anti-human trafficking meetings which take place during the next couple of days.  This mission trip is less hands on and more relational/administrative than I am accustomed to, but it has already given me close on my leadership with the Children of Hope Project in Manila.  I am looking forward to getting home to Heidi, our unpacked house, Faith Center and the beginning of "the Holiday season"! 
Thanks for all your prayers! 

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margaret said...

Hope your trip is awesome!!!