Friday, December 03, 2010

Looking Forward to the Weekend

Heidi and I are excited about this weekend.  It is a very busy season, but a fruitful and exciting time of ministry and activity.

Tonight, Faith Center Men meet for a Tri-Tip BBQ and their monthly meeting.  It’s always a good time!

Late tonight, the Bothell High Jazz Choir will roll into town.  We can’t wait to see our son and spend a little time with him.  They are an outstanding choir and they will be singing at the Faith Center Women’s Christmas Tea (tomorrow), our weekend service & at Arts Alive.  I don’t think we’ll have time to relax with our son, but we’re just thrilled to have him with us for the weekend. 

We decorated the church for Christmas and will be sharing communion this weekend for the 2nd week of Advent. 

On Monday, Heidi and I will be joining Teen Challenge for a Christmas Dinner at the Ingomar Club.  We love Teen Challenge and I am honored to bring them a word of encouragement at that event. 

Heidi has been working overtime on the children’s Charlie Brown Christmas musical.  The kids are excited and the volunteers are doing a great job preparing for the performances which begin in just a week.  Visit, for more information.

Our house is shaping up.  Moving is SUCH hard work, but we are thankful for the place and all the help we have had in getting settled in!  We might even eventually put up a Christmas tree. 

In the bustle of the season, I am reminded of the heightened stress that comes with it.  I’m working hard to keep from getting swept away by the chaos – I find it essential to dig deeper into prayer, devotions, and self-care (exercise, sleep etc.)…Not easy, but very necessary. 


Anonymous said...

men fellowship maybe we should post the time event starts//I AM GOING 6:30 HOPE THAT IS THE RIGHT TIME !!

Matt said...

Dinner is from 6:15-7:00...then we move into the UTurn dome for the worship & teaching. See you there.