Thursday, March 03, 2011

Jacmel Update

"doing a quick update with my cell phone here.  it is nine pm and we have been up since yesterday morning.  we are now getting some rest before our first full day of ministry at the orphanage.  everyone on the team is doing well.  we are excited to work on the building and work with the kids.  i will try to post photos tomorrow.  thank you everyone for your prayers."

OK -- Now I'm on my computer and can really type.  It takes forever to upload these photos, so if you don't get any tomorrow, you'll know why. 

It was tough travelling for 27 hours straight, but everyone did well.  It is hard getting out of the airport in PortOPrince and to Jacmel.  A LONG, hot drive.  The devastation that you see is mind boggling and heart wrenching.  Once here, everyone was exhasted and it was the late afternoon. 

We unpacked, cooled off, had dinner & prepared for tomorrow -- the next five days will be full days of work and ministry. 

Everyone has gone to bed early and tomorrow we start early. 

Thanks again for your prayers!!

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