Monday, March 07, 2011

This is no Haitian Vacation, but we are having a good time!

DSCN0209Thanks everyone for your prayers. We sure can sense it. The team here is doing great. We are making fast progress on the building projects and we are having a great time with the kids.

Haiti has been healing and progressing since we visited six months ago. Buildings are being rebuilt, the economy is improving and the demeanor of the people is one of hope.

This is especially true at Faith Orphanage. The children seem much better off than they did on our last visit. A lot of work has been done and we are helping the forward progress continue.

Our two main projects have been making improvements on the existing boys’ dorm (temporary) while putting the roof on half of the new orphanage. It looks like we just might finish both of these projects on our last day (tomorrow).

Our relationships with these leaders and the kids are deepening. This is an outstanding team, with every member making a substantial contribution. Everyone is healthy and having a blast. Our children’s ministry team had the kids make Easter eggs today for the first time in the kids lives. We also took them for a swim at the beach – something that was absolutely thrilling for them.

Our last day here will be in Port O Prince. I know things there are much worse than they are here in Jacmel. I look forward to meeting the Foursquare leaders there and visiting the Foursquare Church base.

Today was our daughter’s 20th birthday. We were able to speak to her on the phone & wish her a happy birthday.

I just spent the past hour and half sitting outside, working on my sermon for this weekend.

Our hotel is a little bit of paradise, so we rest well at night.

Thanks again for your support in prayer. It is deeply appreciated and needed.

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