Friday, June 17, 2011

Pictoral History of Faith Center

In 1949, T.J. and Harriett McMurray moved here from Iowa, where they saw a sign stating “Foursquare Church – closed.”  Earlier there had been three unsuccessful attempts to plant a Foursquare Church in Eureka.  As the McMurray's started their roofing business, they also responded to their burden to see a Foursquare Church established.  They started a 5 minute daily radio program at 6 a.m., advertising the new church.  
The early members put up a large blue tent on the lot of Harry’s Auto Market at the corner of 7th and Broadway where they held evangelistic meetings and services.  From there the church grew, moving to the Women’s Club on J Street, to Kaleva Hall at Wabash and Union, to the Finnish Lutheran Church on California Street (now Christ the Redeemer Reformed Presbyterian Church), then to Sonoma and A (what is now Landmark Missionary Baptist Church).  The move to A Street took place in the mid 1950s.  The church was chartered on November 17, 1959.  This was all done under the leadership of the McMurray’s.  Larry Briney became the pastor while the church was on A Street (1962), and in 1969, the Bay Street property was purchased and the first dome was built.  Throughout its history, Faith Center grew steadily.  The church had a strong influence in this area under the leadership of the Briney’s, Osbourn’s (1986), Crouse’s (1988), and the Chaney’s (2000). 
Our “new building” was completed just 11 years ago (January, 2000).  

This is where the tent was located when the church was first being started (the motel wasn't here at that time).

Here is the Women's Club on J Street.  

Kaleva Hall is one of these two buildings.  Do you know which one?
This is the old Finnish Lutheran Church, on California.

The building at Sonoma and A was the meeting place for Faith Center for several years, until the Bay Street dome was completed.  

Our current building was completed in January of 2000.  

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