Wednesday, August 24, 2011

This weekend we start our new series, entitled HiStories -- It is about the parables, and we are going to be studying the Parable of the Sower during the first message. Here is a little preview that you (and your children) will enjoy: (Someone was trying to figure out the word play -- is it Histories, His Stories, Hi Stories, or High Stories? I was thinking His Stories).

This has been a big week for visitors:

This past weekend it was Jim & Betsey Hayford -- our longtime Pastors and mentors

Today my high school track & cross country coach, Phil Pursian, visited along with his wife Lorai. (photo on the right).  They have been a great influence on my life since I was about 14 years old.  He now works at a church in Boise.  He was one of my first introductions to the Foursquare Church (Coos Bay) - and was one of the greatest high school coaches of all time.  He coached Steve Prefontaine and in 1996 there were 3 of us, all from the same high school, all competing in the marathon Olympic Trials. 
This afternoon Pete and Tina Forras will be here along with Cameron, who is going to start working for us & on Friday, Brandon and Marcie Brazee will be visiting for a couple of days. 

Lots of fun!  This is unusual -- during our first year here we had very few visitors. 

Next week our son Levi moves to the U District in Seattle as he starts his freshman year at University of Washington.  Exciting times...
He and our daughter Alicia just completed a wonderful week on the camp staff at Jr. High Camp at Lake Retreat in Seattle. 

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