Thursday, October 20, 2011

I wanted to pass along this newsletter I served from missionaries Gary & Paula Hays.  They visited Faith Center early this year.  Great things are happening there:

To our valued friends at Eureka Faith Center!!

Blessings from the heartland of Hindu/Buddhism, rapidly being transformed by Christ!!!

We apologize for the 2 month gap in updates! We have been traveling almost non-stop throughout Thailand...God is blessing the ministry tremendously! We know that your prayers and support are such an important contribution to what He has been doing! Thank you!!

The highlights of this update are:

Over 800 children came to the Lord through our ministry over the past 60 days! (About 750 are being discipled in local churches)

5 separate Hill Tribes came together to do our Gospel show for their tribes. 310 children gave their hearts to the Lord! Pictures at:

A small island in Southern Thailand (Ko Phangnan...'Sin Island') held our Drug Prevention show for the local school of 250 kids. Many gave their hearts to the Lord. The government officials and police attended the show. Afterward, the government approved the church to go to each school with BOTH the Drug Prevention AND Gospel message! Pictures at:

Prayer Requests:

• Please pray for the many people of Thailand affected by tremendous flooding. It started in the North and Northeast and has made it's way to Bangkok. More rains and flooding are expected this week. Many have lost their homes and businesses.

• Please pray for the children of Thailand. They are under attack from trafficking, drugs and poverty. They need Christ's protection and salvation..and His ongoing guidance and friendship!

• Please pray for God to grow this ministry to reach thousands more for Christ....and to disciple them into an intimate and powerful relationship through Jesus!!

• Please pray for funding. The good news is this ministry is expanding rapidly and there is incredible demand to protect and bring children to Christ! But that demand requires us to pay our Thai trainers, purchase evangelism/discipleship tools and provide travel expenses for the ministry. Whenever you give, more children come to know the Lord in Thailand....and churches protect them from trafficking and abuse. And they are raised to be leaders who will transform families and communities for Christ!

Blessings and thank you for the ongoing support and encouragement! Let us know how we can pray for you!

Gary & Paula Hays

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