Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Great Weekend!!

In this blog I am going to be speaking to the people of Faith Center:

Thank you for the incredible week of ministry at Faith Center!!  I especially want to thank those of you who brought along friends or relatives who normally do not attend church.  What you did was awesome and exposed them to the life changing gospel of Jesus.  Way to go!  Be sure to follow up with them this week, in any way that you can.  There is a Newcomer’s Gathering after each of the services this weekend. 

Also, thank you to all the volunteers who served and made the services especially powerful.  The music was outstanding.  The children’s ministry had many salvations.  The ushers showed great hospitality.  There were many more people behind the scenes praying and serving with devotion and passion.

We had over 1300 people attend with at least 39 people making decisions for Christ.  These aren’t merely “decisions” or “statistics” – these are people with names, faces and amazing stories.  Please keep them in your prayers this week. 

This Sunday we begin a new series on prayer (my_prayer@JC.God). The first message is about “Wrestling with God”.  Ever feel like you’re struggling with God?  We will look at the story of Jacob and his encounter with God where the two wrestled and Jacob emerged as a new man – Israel.  God isn’t into just doing things for us.  Instead, He is in the business of changing us. 

Thank you for your prayers for Faith Center as we seek to become all that God has called us to be.  We live in a community filled with people who are seeking the answers that He has for them.  Let’s do our best to introduce them to Jesus.

He has risen!!
Matt Messner

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