Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Heidi and I had a good time "team teaching" this past weekend.  The topic was "prayer" and I think it was the 3rd time we have done this since we came to Faith Center.  It was a lot of fun, and I think it was effective to have us both sharing at the same time.

Tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer and I am especially excited for the fact that Faith Center members have stepped up and will be praying around the clock during the coming 24 hours.  I also appreciate the fact that the city has prayer events that I will be attending.  I believe that God has great dreams for Humboldt County, and it all begins with prayer.  This afternoon we noticed that the luggage rack had been stolen off the top of our church van.  It kind of bummed me out since that money could have been used for ministry.  We will have to replace it and I don't think it will cost enough to go through the insurance.  I also have a feeling that our focus on prayer might be stirring up the "opposition" but the victory is always going to be the Lord.

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Kateecat said...

Prayer Day was so blessed for me and a friend who is learning how to pray. She spent the second hour with me as I prayed out loud with the manner of conversational praying and supplication to the Lord. I also pray that I personally showed to her how easy it is to pray with the Spirit in a non-repititous way. Beside...I have so much to pray about there is no room for repetition!!!We had a good time of prayer with the Lord last night! God Bless, Elizabeth A.