Sunday, June 17, 2012

Father's Day Advise

If you're a father and your kids are still living under your roof, here is some advise for you.  These are quick thoughts that come from me looking back on that time in my life. 

  1. Play with your children often. (You might be tired but it doesn't matter)
  2. Take them to church, church camp, vbs, outreach events, youth group, etc.  There is no point being the only one giving positive input into your kids' lives.  Get other great people involved and give your kids the opportunity to encounter God in a personal way.  Summer camp and mission trips were like spiritual lifelines for our kids.  They also developed good friends this way.  
  3. Pray with them every night and sing with them when they are young.
  4. Attend their sports and school functions.
  5. Get them involved in extra curricular activities (drama, music, sports, dance, lessons).  Yes, it's expensive but find a way to do it.  
  6. Go to the park.
  7. Read to them.
  8. Plan some adventures (road trips, camping, hiking, fishing).
  9. Be a good husband (this is probably the #1 parenting tip on this list).  This is a priority above being a good parent. 
  10. Stay especially close when they are teens.
  11. Don't expect or demand perfection.  
  12. Pray a lot & depend on your Heavenly Father for wisdom.

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