Thursday, April 11, 2013

Update from Africa - April 11

Here is an update from Heidi regarding the team in Uganda:
"I am finally on a computer – borrowing Maggie’s. The trip has been amazing so far. We have all been very healthy and strong and are thriving. We have been incredibly busy each day, teaching, visiting and loving on the Ugandan people and vice versa. Levi described this place well. It is an incredible thing to see all God has produced in such a short amount of time. Maggie has obviously had such a great impact in Uganda and people love, admire, and respect her.

The staff and students have become fast friends and even throughout the village we run into people daily that know us and we sit and talk and fellowship as we walk or ride our bikes wherever we go. We know our way around fairly well and we ride bikes all over. The food here is delicious and we will get a traditional African meal on Saturday as we eat together with all at AHI and celebrate together a Sabbath before we leave. We have taught many classes as well as just played and had fun together even as we teach. Levi and Emily say the Africans love our teaching because we make it fun and so everyone comes...We usually have a very full room of people and we just have a blast together. After meals, we work together to clean up, which allows for relational bonds to take place with those at AHI and we experience full hearts of love everywhere. There have also been a few American visitors while we have been here – 6 from Portland (Ben, Liz, Gwen, Holly, Lindsay & Ellen) who were just here one night, they attend Imago Dei and are in an Acts 2 discipleship group. Also, Stanley from Medford area who has been here most of the time we have, which we have grown with as a brother in Christ...The team devotions and time together has been sweet and deep. We are learning so much from the Lord and growing in Him together. We end up falling into bed each night to the sounds of Africa, which are so incredible and I love to fall asleep to it each night. The beauty of this place is magnificent and we are falling in love with it more each day. We have done so much here that it feels like we have been here many months already...Goodbye for now...lots of love, Heidi"

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