Saturday, November 02, 2013

"No Shave November" - Sponsor a Missionary (Teresa Repair)

Being one of the few men in Humboldt County without facial hair, I am willing to observe "No Shave November", if it will help send a missionary to the mission field.

I have decided not to shave during November, under one condition (this is where your help is needed): I need to receive $500/week for the month, which will be given to Teresa Repair so that she can be deployed as a Foursquare Missionary to Russia.  All gifts are tax deductible (see the letter below for instructions), and I will need to know if you have make a donation.

If $2000 comes in right away, I will have to go the full month without shaving.

If I raise less then $500, I will shave after week one.  If it is $500 - $999, I will shave after week two.  $1000-$1499, I will shave after week three.  You get it?

If you think your pastor looks terrible and should shave, you can cancel "No Shave November" with a $2000 donation at any point during the month.

Have fun, and remember, "No Shave November" should only be observed by men.

Here is Teresa's letter:

I have accepted a position as a Foursquare Missions International (FMI) missionary to Russia and plan on leaving sometime this winter.  I will be working with another missionary family and my main duties will be taking care of their children: Kaela, Connor, and Caeden.  I will be helping them with school, as well as being their primary care provider while their parents travel all across Russia.  By taking care of these kids, I am allowing Kim and Steve to go out and build leaders up, grow churches, and fulfill God’s desire to see this nation thrive.  I get the unique opportunity to love these kids and help provide a way to fulfill God’s vision in Russia.  I will also get the opportunity to build relationships with Russians who are my age and be completely immersed in their culture.  I will be living alongside these Russian young adults and reaching out to Russia with them. 

This journey to Russia does not come without cost, and I am completely self-supported as a missionary for FMI, as you know.  I need to fundraise a significant amount of money – a large sum for travel, visas, and initial living costs, plus $2,300 per month. Since the fall of communism, inflation has plagued the residents of Russia. I am working on fundraising opportunities within the church and I am saving all the money I earn as I work; but I am in immediate need for monthly supporters.  Would you please consider joining my team financially and prayerfully as I take this journey?  The most direct way to give funds is to write a check payable to Faith Center Church at 1032 Bay Street, Eureka, CA 95503 designated for Teresa Repair OR online through the Foursquare website at ( If you are planning on signing up for monthly support, or giving a one-time donation, please be sure to input our church code when asked: 30596).
Or you could fill out & return the enclosed monthly giving commitment card. My commitment to you is to work diligently to reach and disciple people in the Lord, to keep you informed as to what God is doing in our ministry, and to partner with you in prayer for the people of Russia.  I would love more than anything to take my friends and family along with me on this journey.  

Email me and let me know if you make an online donation.  
If you are planning on signing up for monthly support, or giving a one-time donation, please be sure to input our church code when asked: 30596.


Matt said...

$95 raised at the Men's Breakfast!

Matt said...

Up to $350 raised. If I reach $500 by this Saturday morning, then I will be committed for another week of "No Shave November".