Thursday, March 20, 2014

Much To Look Forward To

This week marks "four years" at Faith Center for Heidi and I.  It has gone by quickly and has been a wonderful experience.  We are thankful!  

As a Pastor, I'm primarily motivated by seeing God change the lives of people.  This is the most exciting part of my "job" and my calling.  This mostly happens during the routine days of our lives and through the systematic ministries of the church (services, youth group, outreach, Celebrate Recovery, small groups, etc.).

I'm excited about what is coming up at Faith Center and in our personal lives.  I enjoy the special events of the church and look forward to them throughout the year.  There are things that have not been planned that will be added in to our calendar as doors of opportunity open for us.  I thought I would share the things that I am looking forward to during the coming month, and year:  

During the next four weeks:
  • Night of Worship with Darrell Evans (March 28)
  • Next Gen Appreciation, with Chris White, CPD Next Gen Rep (March 26)
  • Staff Retreat, with guest Andy Gilbert (April 9-10)
  • Remodel completion (carpet, paint in the main building), including installation of stained glass windows (around April 12-13)
  • Good Friday and Easter Services (April 18-20)

During the next year:
Hosting the National Day of Prayer Luncheon for our community (May 1)  
Foursquare Convention in Dallas
Family reunion this summer
Men’s Retreat in the Fall ("The Call of the Wild" - Guest speaker Dan Russell, Olympic Wrestling Coach, Pastor)
Mission trip to India in the Fall
Kid’s Karnival - Our biggest outreach of the year
Christmas at Faith Center (the play and candlelight services)

Israel in March, 2015

We're also pursuing some great leads for future concerts/worship nights.  

These are just a few things.  Much more could be mentioned (CR in the Park, Women's Retreat, VBS, camps, Come to Carson, community outreach, etc.).  I thought I would pass this along to you so that you also could share the excitement over all the great things that are on the horizon.  
Please keep it all in your prayers!!

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