Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Vision Squelchers

Vision Squelchers
By Matt Messner

As a leader, when you run into these, you have to confront them because these create spiritual walls that obstruct growth, vision and hope. 2 Corinthians 10:3-5
  • “We’ve already done that.”
a.      “It worked then but not today.”
The problem with this attitude is the fact that what you think is old, is new for this generation.  To come up with something completely original is virtually impossible. You have to believe in your idea and be excited about it.   
  • "That wouldn’t work here.”
a.      This attitude eliminates excitement, risk taking and fresh vision.
                                                    i.     A possible response to that statement:  “Ok.  What would work here that is creative and new?”     
  •      “There is nothing that I can learn from ________”
a.      Have you ever heard a leader say this?
If I am not teachable and I am not learning then I am on my way to going into a holding pattern and holding patterns are boring and go nowhere. 
  •       “This (business/community/church) isn’t going to (change/improve/grow/get better).”
a.      Leaders have hope.  You must have hope to have vision.  Without vision, you cannot be an effective leader. 
b.      The best place to find hope is in God.  Put your hope in Him.  Hope is one of the “three greatest things”.     
  •       “Back in the day…” (An over glamorized view of what once was.) 
a.      We cannot live in the past and expect to be effective in the future. 
  •       “We don’t have the resources”
a.      What can you do for little or nothing?
b.      What about people and the Holy Spirit?  Those are the greatest resources you could have.  
  •       “If only _______ we would _________”
a.      The attitude of the victim and entitlement. 
b.      Stop fixating on the excuses. 

What would you add to this list?
If this describes you, it’s time to have your mind and heart renewed. 
  • Eliminate excuses.
  •   Learn, repent and change as needed (face pride, fear and other aspects of our own humanity). 
  • Have hope, enthusiasm, optimism and faith.
  • Embrace this new day.

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