Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Good Friday & Easter

I am super excited for this weekend.  

We just "rehearsed" our Good Friday sermons and it is going to be powerful.  We do a team teaching and intersperse it with worship.  Our speakers this year are Rick Urban, Susan Jones, Tom McMurray V, Erik Garcia, Heidi Messner, Brandon Babcock and Rachel McMurray-Branscombe.  They will take us from The Last Supper to The Tomb.  You won't want to miss this.  There also will be prayer for the sick, communion and harp music (pre-service).  

For Easter we have exciting plans for kids and adults.  The theme is "Alive" and we have a choir, a skit, a photo booth, art from Matt Beard (local painter) and a message focused on the Gospel - What does it mean to be "fully alive"?  

Bring your friends  and arrive early.  

Also, your prayers would be appreciated:  

Dear Intercessors:
Please begin praying for this weekend!  We sense an urgency to request your help in interceding for the Easter and Good Fridayservices.  Here is how you can pray:
Staff & volunteers:  Pray for strength, wisdom and healing.  We seem to have an unusually large number of people battling illness right now – pray for health and protection.  Pray that God would bless and use all who are serving this weekend. 
Effective outreach: Pray that the Lord would draw people in by His Spirit for this weekend through personal invitations and the use of media.  Pray that many would come to Christ and return to the Lord. 
Children: Pray that every boy and girl would be blessed and have a wonderful Easter focused on the resurrection of Jesus.
Services: Pray for our musicians, tech team, ushers, singers, volunteers, speakers and actors.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would use every element of the service to encourage, to heal and to speak hope to every person.  Pray that the Lord would use Pastor Matt’s message to speak directly to each person.  Pray for an atmosphere of joy, hope and love. 
Attenders: Pray that every person would experience the love of God through their experience at Faith Center. 
Spiritual warfare: “We wrestle not against flesh and blood”  -- Pray against the forces of darkness who would oppose the great things that the Lord intends to do in people’s lives. 
Thanks again for your partnership in prayer as we celebrate the victory of God!

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