Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Arrival of Bags of Joy...and ready to go home

The meetings with the leaders of the UCPP went really well. I believe we have a shared vision for project changes and the future of the churches and the schools of this project. Without getting into the details, in many respects we are tying up the loose ends of this five year project (which is not entering its sixth year). We are moving fast towards full sustainability while also developing the schools as a reproducible self-sustaining project that can continue. I have my work cut out for me when I get home, but I believe there is an exciting future for what has been started here.

Today I travelled with Pete Forras and Rey Lucion (District Supervisor) to look at a prospective site for our February leadership training event. John and Sonya Decker will be coming here for six days of training with the leaders. We found a good location and made plans for this strategic event. It is interesting to think I'll be back here in just ten weeks.

Tomorrow 21 people from Eastside arrive to begin the Christmas gift distribution to the pre-schools. I will meet them at the airport and spend the day with them. On Friday I head home!!
Thank-you for your prayers! This has been an important and fruitful trip.

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