Monday, November 17, 2008

Key Leaders

Today was spent with the supervisor of the South East Luzon District of Foursquare Churches (Rey Lucion), the supervisor of the South West Luzon District (James Cristobal), UCPP coach Roy Villanuavo, Foursquare Philippines National Church Planting Coordinator (Mars Rodgriguez), and Pete Forras. We met to pray and strategize for the future of the Manila Project. Today was day one of two days of meetings to plan and prepare for the future. Tomorrow, the UCPP Pre-school coordinator (Glo) will be joining us as well.

The highlights of the meeting for me were:
1. Our time of prayer. This was a significant aspect of our meeting. We took a considerable portion of our morning to lay this foundation.
2. Asking questions and listening to them as the local leaders. I ended up hearing them say the very things I was thinking and hoping for. Instead of dictating my agenda, by listening I was able to see that there is a common direction of which they have ownership.

Tomorrow we resume our meetings at 8 a.m. Thanks again for your prayers!

P.S.: Thanks to Magic Jack ( and a calling card, I have been able to talk to Heidi and the kids every day. This has been a great blessing! They are doing well even though we miss each other a lot!

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