Saturday, November 15, 2008

Important People

Who are the "important people"? As I walked the "squatter" communities today I met pastors working hard in the humblest of situations. I saw children flying colorful kites barefooted in narrow alleys. I saw a group of proud parents preparing the youngsters for a pageant. I met a lady who "adopted" a boy whose mother gave him up because she knew she couldn't take care of him. Six years later this boy still sees his "real mom" every week, but the adoptive parent is the real parent and the boy might well be alive today because of her willingness to help. Today I met teenagers skillfully playing music in churches with instruments that would be thrown away in the U.S. I was impressed that in the overwhelming crush of one of the most populace cities in the world, there are no throw aways. There are no forgotten people. There are just important people - some of whom have yet to experience God's intervention.

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Roxanne Kristina said...

May God hold those, His babies, closely. Blessings to you for doing His good work.