Thursday, July 30, 2009

Orphanage Ministry and our Last Day of Ministry in TJ

Today we spent most of our time at an orphanage. So far this summer all the teams that the had hoped would visit, cancelled due to fears over the swine flu or over fears associated with the drug war going on here in Mexico. Consequently, these kids and the staff were thrilled to see us. The kids ran to greet us at the soccer field and proceeded to beat us 3 to 2 in a lively soccer game. They were engrossed by our puppet show, dramas, and memorized the verse we taught them in record time. The facility was immaculate. It is part of a ministry started by a church in Michigan. The staff and missionaries working with them are great people.

Highlights of the trip so far include...

A team that gets along 100% and that has 100% enthusiasm and participation.

  • The missionary kids, some of whom are on their first missionary trip.

  • The courage a boldness of our team members.

  • People responding to the ministry, coming up for prayer, hungry to hear the word of God.

  • My own kids doing a great job! (Alicia and Levi both preached last night, at different churches). Heidi also amazed me with her story telling and VBS organization skills!

  • Working with missionaries who are a joy to be around and who are doing great work.

  • Seeing kids have their worldview and their lives deeply impacted.

Everyone is healthy...we have felt safe the entire time. So far this trip has been seemless. Thanks everyone for your prayers.

Today one of our missionaries left to go back to the states, along with their kids, the Hall girls left, and two others. So we lost 10 of our 45 members. There is a sense of the trip winding down, but tonight will be an important night of ministry. Jackie is preaching, Chris Hilderbrand is sharing his testimony, we will be doing worship, drama and much more at the church that meets in a nightclub in Ensenada.

Tomorrow we go to Rosarito for a day of relaxation. In the evening the Utah group heads across the border to go home. The rest of us go to the airport in San Diego on Saturday.

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Anonymous said...

so great to hear of everything going one. May you all have continued unity and health and may the outreach tonight be as powerful and miraculous as the place in which you are meeting!!