Monday, July 27, 2009

Update on Day Five

Thanks for your prayers. Today is the first and possibly the last day that I get to an internet cafe. The ministry here is going well and has already included a one day VBS, multiple church services, door to door evangelism and a lot more. Our training in Tijuana went really well and now we are in Ensenada staying in a very modest motel and are hard at work. This team of kids from all around the world is outstanding. We have team members from France, Thailand, Singapore, El Salvador, Brazil, Mexico and of course, the U.S. Our team has grown to include 44 people. The days are busy but this team has a 100% positive attitude and God is blessing that. Today we ministered to over 100 indigenous Mexican people who are among the poorest in this nation. We had a very fruitful time. Everything seems really safe here...Nothing like you would think from our media. The streets are full, there are tourists filling the shops and life seems to be the same as usual here in Mexico. I do not have internet access or phone access so my updates will be minimal. We are having a great time!!

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