Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Miracle Stories - Do you have any?

This weekend I am speaking on Jesus and miracles. We will have a time of ministry at the end of the service.

If you have a miracle story, would you share it?
Here are some that have already come my way through Facebook:

I haven't time to type this am. my friend w pancreatic cancer......completely healed for a time and in that cancer free time much other more crucial healing happened: eternal relationship issues that were a cancer of the heart for years. can tell you more if you want.

My eyes were healed at highschool camp when I was a senior. I was praying for someone else and God decided that he wanted to heal me too. I had some sort of glasses or contacts since I was 1 until about 18 years old. Now I wear nothing.

3 years of infertility and a dr. who said I'd never have kids. Showed him.
P.S. and Zac, Jeremy and Zoe all had emergency miracles at birth...almost lost Zac, almost lost me (with Jeremy) and Zoe tried to be born 20 weeks early.

I have one about a high school student healed last year of severe ADHD at camp. His Mom wrote us a email a month after camp telling us that he had not taken any meds for it and had no psychotic episodes since. She said he is a different kid.

Using a gear driven skill saw it jumped and hit my thigh -- sliced my jeans but only a scratch on my leg. 2. while salvage diving I ran out of air in the hold of a ship -- word of wisdom provided an escape rope. 3. loosing power in ultralite I crashed on a pile of branches which saved my life -- scratched ear. How big of list of God's intervention in my life would you like?

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