Thursday, August 20, 2009

Waiting for a Miracle?

Have you ever struggled with these questions:
Can I expect miracles or not?
If I expect a miracle and it doesn't happen, how can I not be disappointed? Is it God's fault? Is it my fault?
Is it self-centered or presumptuous to ask God for miracles?

This weekend I will be preaching a message out of the life of Jesus entitled, "Experiencing the Miraculous" from Luke 5:18-26. As we look at this story together, I believe God will help us answer these and other important questions. At the conclusion of the service we will be praying for those who need healing, as well as for those who need any other type of miraculous intervention. If you know anyone who needs a miracle, bring them along with you this weekend

PowerPoint is HERE.

Audio is HERE.

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Chris Peppler said...

I would wonder how people would define a miracle. I have been witness to only a few "headliner" miracles where there could be no natural way that something which occurred, could have occurred.

But if you look deeper, it is easy to see God's miraculous intervention in our day-to-day lives. Looking forward to your message this weekend, Matt!