Monday, August 31, 2009

Journal - Saying "Bye" to Alicia

7 a.m., Monday.

So I’m sitting here in Oregon, on my way home from dropping off our daughter Alicia in California. She is enrolled in a program called Ignite at Life Pacific College. I really believe she is going to thrive in this missions and ministry focused program. First thing at the campus we met tons of our friends and colleagues: My old youth pastor (Grant Esborg) was dropping off his son, chatted with former interns from our church, visited with the President of the college (Robert Flores), the Director of Ignite (Mike Larkin) and one of our former pastors and the former President of Life (Dan Stewart).

Saying goodbye to her was more surreal/strange/awkward then it was sad. We just forced ourselves to say a quick goodbye and to walk away. That was hard but I tried to keep in mind all the positive aspects of what was going on. She is following God’s plan for her life! The next season for her has great potential! So many people told me we would all be balling our eyes out but that’s not what happened. It is odd having three instead of four in our car. It is empty and our house will be emptier. Last night we were texting and couldn’t get a hold of her and I commented: “She doesn’t need us, we need her.” This is true when it comes to our “felt need”. From now on whenever we are with her it will probably be for a “visit”.

I am actually really excited for her. I think she’ll thrive there. She is already having a great time. Today is her first day of class.

One of her professors there dedicated her weeks after she was born (Dan Stewart) and this reminds me of what we’re doing now: We have truly given her back to the Lord and she is our gift to the world. This dedication of our child to the Lord seems like the one that really counts.

(My cell phone just rang – it was her…getting ready for her first day of class and looking for the spiral bound notebooks that are still in our car. Oh well It was nice that she called).


Tina Forras said...

Way to go Matt! Enjoyed your blog! I must say it was easier for me too than expected as I said goodbye to Cameron. I think staying extra days with him made made it easier for me. I was ready to go. His 1st week was hard once I left. He was very homesick and mentioned that Central Oregon Comm College was looking pretty good. Ha ha ha ... He hung in there and is loving it now. But you're right ... we need them more than they need us! Just wondering though ... how come you guys didn't visit us in Bend?

Chris Peppler said...


I am learning so much from you about parenting. Thanks for the reminder to cherish every moment we have with our kids.

Tonight, Savannah wouldn't let me out of her room as she wanted to cuddle for as long as I would stay with her.

I know that these will be fleeting moments all too quickly. I can only pray (and I do) that she will one day too choose to serve the Lord with her life. Great job with your kids man....


Bob Horn said...

Matt, thanks for being such a great example to us dads. You're not perfect, but you do a lot of things right. Today, both my kids started their school year. I've got an 8th grader and a 6th grader... It won't be long before I'm walking through the same experience as you did this year. I'm confident we're raising them right, but it really is a walk of faith... entrusting them to God's hands... teaching them to fly, so they can someday soar.

Matt said...

Thanks Pepp & Bob. You guys both are doing a great job as dads and that's an investment you'll never ever regret. Parenting isn't a simple formula (do a good job and you'll have good kids), BUT, doing a good job will help them make good choices for themselves in the future.