Friday, September 11, 2009


Bloggers should post something new every week. At least that's what I think. So what if I don't feel like blogging? I can post my Power Point from this past Wednesday night but I'm not going to.

So, here is what I'm thinking about right now.
  • Good luck to DJ Vick and Matt Simmons as they do the Lake Stevens Triathalon tomorrow! They are both Associate Pastors at our church and it will be their first marathon.
  • I'm stoked that tonight we had our first Spanish Speaking church meeting at I believe the future of the church must include ethnic churches like this one.
  • I've done a lot of soul searching lately and I have a confidence that I'm right where the Lord wants me to be right now (even if I don't always want to be here all the time).
  • I'm excited that my wife (Heidi) is starting her doctoral degree next week (psychology).
  • I'm excited that in one week Donald Miller and Gayle Erwin are both going to be at Eastside and I'm going to have the honor of hanging out with two men who I can learn a lot from.
  • I'm sad that my son isn't playing hockey next year but I am even more excited about his involvement in music and worship and jazz choir.
  • I'm thrilled with our daughter's involvement in Ignite and the fact that she's going to Mexico this December for about the 7th time and she is having a GREAT time in her first hear of college.
Thanks for your prayers as everyone in my family is getting involved in new seasons. Meanwhile, things stay the same for me and I keep seeking the King.

Is this nothing?

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