Monday, March 29, 2010

A Few Days in Humboldt

Just thought I would jot down a few thoughts regarding my first days in my new city.

On Saturday afternoon we met the Faith Center staff at Starbucks as they made their way in for services. They are a great group of people who are very welcoming and committed to the ministry of the church.

We just had a GREAT weekend at Faith Center. Everyone was very welcoming and encouraging. This church has a STRONG history – a large group of people who have been here for several generations. They bring a great deal of strength and stability to the church.

Ron Pinkston, the District Supervisor, spoke at each service. The message was very encouraging and spoke to everyone in my family. After his message our family came forward and received prayer from the church, staff and the church council. We then had a “receiving line” to greet people as they left the service.

Heidi and Levi flew home on Sunday night and Alicia flew back to San Dimas. (It was great for all of us to be together for a couple of days. The weather was nice and we enjoyed exploring the city and looking at some houses). Heidi is teaching for a few more days and will be back to Eureka on Friday night. We are excited to have a few friends from up North coming down for the Easter services.

I am staying at a cabin (called “the doozy”) that is nestled in the middle of the Redwoods just above a river. It is a 40 minute drive from the church but it has a nice woodstove, is “free rent” (thanks to the Case’s), and is very peaceful. I’ll stay there until I get tired of the drive or until we sell our home.

I’m really looking forward to Easter this weekend. I also will be having my first “work week” with the staff starting tomorrow. For now I am just learning about the ministry here, the programs and the organizational makeup of the church.

I feel great about being here. The best place to be on the planet is in the center of the Lord’s will, and I think that I am there (at least geographically :).

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Roxanne Kristina said...

So strange how you notice the little details of random routine... made first visit to Sbux with Julia. Wondered if would see you there then remembered. Argh! Still whining a bit, but truly happy for you. Hopefully will get to visit sometime and see your peeps (or flock) God's assigned you to. Lucky bunch of sheep!!! Blessings, Roxx (PS: the blog updates now and then are really helpful - thanks for doing so)

Sandi C said...

This past week with you has been a blessing. You insightful introduction to our Easter weekend has been specially helpful, and I particularly appreciated the one-on-one visits with the staff, paid and nonpaid. Roxanne is right, we are a lucky bunch of sheep!

Gary and Paula Hays said...

Hey, Matt and Heidi: Paula and I are incredibly excited on how God continues to open ways for you to serve Him and glorify His name! We know that you will bless the people of Faith Center and the community through your willingness to reach into their lives with frienship, humor and love! Massive blessings and know we are praying for you on your first weekend! Gary and Paula

SteveH said...

Welcome to Faith Center, Matt. My wife and I are very happy that you have joined our community of believers. We look forward to being part of your flock. Thanks for a very inspirational Easter message.

Steve and Paula Hamon