Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lessons Learned at Eastside

My full manuscript from my final weekend at Eastside is right here.

Audio is here.

Also, you might want to check out the article from yesterday’s Times-Standard newspaper in Eureka: Faith Center Welcomes New Pastors. The comments are particularly interesting :).


journeyofheart said...

Thanks Matt for being a great pastor & friend. For seeing & believing in me when no one else would. I'm so happy for you & Heidi. I think it is a bit humorous that you will be pastors at the church where Johnell & Gary Loop are. Johnell is probably the one person at FMI that I would say actually gets me.
Take care & keep me posted.
In Christ, Denise
PS. You do remember where I live & that you are always welcome here.

Anonymous said...

We look forward to seeing how God will use you and your family in your new God directed place of living. Please keep in touch and let us know about opportunities to serve with you all together. Eastside will miss you greatly. It has been a privilege to serve with you and your family. God's Blessings to you all.
The Shirley's

Anonymous said...

Matt and Heidi,

We were not able to say goodbye after the service today, but wanted you to know that we really valued your friendship and leadership at EFC and will sincerely miss you. We understand God's call in your life and your need to follow his direction, but we are sad to see you leave. May God bless you greatly in Eureka.

Schoen and Shawn Parnell

Roxanne Kristina said...

I just read the email Brian wrote you. I am letting those sweet words stand our our mutual behalf. I am also going to add, in the spirit of confession, when I passed the autograph poster in the foyer, the thought that crossed my mind was, This sucks!" And I mean that in the sweetest of ways! But it does! :0)

Love you guys!

Pastor Paul said...

Congrats to you both Matt & Heidi! What an exciting new season for you! WOW! May God continue to show His faithful and guiding hand as you enter this fresh adventure.